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We offer our first artificial intelligence-aided WMS software ’AKIL İŞİ’ project developed by Sertrans R&D team to our business partners. We manage all of our operations carried out within the warehouse via Akıl İşi application developed by our R&D team registered with the Ministry of Industry and Technology in an error-free and effective manner. Akıl İşi is the first and only warehouse management system that uses artificial intelligence to create order grouping and picking routes. This new software determines the shortest distance in the product collection process by artificial intelligence. Thus the ordered product enters the packaging process as soon as possible.

Akıl İşi can also be easily integrated with ERP systems, e-invoice integrators, and e-commerce platforms. With its users' interfaces, Akıl İşi makes it possible to instantly track their stocks and orders through graphically-supported reports. In this way, the performance of the e-commerce logistics services provided by Sertrans can also be monitored by companies.  With this feature, Akıl İşi, registered as a utility model by the Turkish patent and trademark office, participated in many congresses and competitions, successfully presented its talents to the academic community on national and international platforms, and won general approval of academics. In today's e-commerce world, where operational efficiency is the most basic expectation on the seller side and speed is the most basic expectation on the buyer side, Sertrans' Akıl İşi plays a critical role.



What does Sertrans' Akıl İşi software promise?

What you can do with your Akıl İşi;

Integration: You can integrate your ERP easily and in a very short time, your sales website, an e-commerce marketplace, and an e-invoice system into Akıl İşi.

Manual Order: If you want, you can manually create a warehouse in Akıl İşi for your products, input orders, and shipping orders from our customer portal, apart from integration.

Instant Notification: With Akıl İşi, you can get instant notifications about your orders via e-mail or sms.

Portal, Performance Tracking: With graphical reports from the user portal of Akıl İşi, you can instantly monitor order status, stock quantities, and our product acceptance performance.

Return Management: In the Akıl İşi application, you can see the photos of the returned products and decide whether they are resellable.

What WE do with Akıl İşi;

Instant Viewing: We create instant notifications on Akıl İşi to the warehouse manager via e-mail or sms about the product entries or shipment orders you create.

Fast Shipment, Efficient Operation:  With Akıl İşi, we group the shipment orders using artificial intelligence algorithms and show the collection personnel the routes to collect in our warehouse through the handheld terminal. This helps us maximize efficiency and speed.

Smart Counting, Stock Accuracy: We always keep stock and address accuracy at the highest level through regional count orders created by the system with smart algorithms. Akıl İşi helps improve customer satisfaction by keeping stock accuracy at the highest level.



Return Management: We photograph your returned products, mark them as saleable or unsaleable in the pre-acceptance process, and submit them for your approval through our portal for you to decide further. Akıl İşi simplifies your processes for returned products.

E-invoice, e-waybill: We create e-invoices and e-waybills on your behalf by integrating with your e-invoice integrator and ERP with Akıl İşi. In this way, we save you the trouble of printing invoices.

Parcel, Volumetric Weight Management: With Akıl İşi, we track which order is sent in which parcel so that you know the transportation cost from the cargo company in advance. Akıl İşi ends confusion in cargo processes.

Cargo Integration: We integrate with cargo companies and report the cargo tracking details of your orders to your ERP system, website, or e-commerce marketplace.

Akıl İşi by Sertrans helps your e-commerce operations become easier and faster, and increases your productivity. Akıl İşi by Sertrans saves you from complex and challenging e-commerce logistics processes. Contact us to meet Akıl İşi. 


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