International Air Freight Overview

International Airline Transport Overview

Sertrans Logistics, a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), WCA (World Cargo Alliance), and JCTrans Agency, is your most effective solution partner in airline transport. We transfer our more than 30 years of experience in logistics to airline transport and offer safe transport services between all airports around the world to all our customers through our agreements with agencies and airlines. We successfully perform services such as charter services and transit transport in nearly 200 countries and more than 817 points with our strong and vast agency network.

Reliable Service in Airline Transport

Sertrans provides reliable services to its customers through special agreements with agencies and airlines between all international airports worldwide. Putting operational excellence first, Sertrans is at its business partners' service with unique solutions for every need in airline transport. We provide end-to-end solutions with services such as storage, handling, distribution, customs clearance, and packaging services integrated with airline transport.

  • Strong and vast agency network,
  • Fast solutions with different airline options,
  • Door-to-door delivery to every point in the world,
  • Competitive price advantages with consolidation,
  • Charter services,
  • Transit (cross trade) shipments,
  • Project transport,
  • Transport of dangerous goods,
  • Transport of perishable cargo.
  • Micro Export and Micro Import

Nearly 200 Countries, More Than 817 Destinations

Sertrans Logistics offers you many services, such as charter services and transit transport to nearly 200 countries and more than 817 destinations in the field of international airline transport, with competitive price advantages and a strong and vast agency network.  Sertrans facilitates your business and adds value to your trade with its service understanding that offers different solution advantages by reaching all airports worldwide with its vast agency network

Fast and Safe Operational Process in International Airline Transport

At Sertrans, our primary objective in International airline cargo transport operations is to ensure that your products arrive at destinations fast and with no damage.  At this point, our expert team in international airline transport carries out this process meticulously.  

Inspection: Documents for export are filed when the cargo arrives at the airport. The necessary inspections are carried out a few hours after arrival so that the shipment can be loaded. At large airports with significant cargo traffic, X-ray inspections, and document checks are completed in a few hours.

Handling: We ensure safe handling of your cargo before it leaves.  We carefully conduct this process to ensure that your shipment properly arrives at its destination.

Storage: Our expert team, who integrate customs clearance, inspection, cargo handling, and storage services, act by planning for the cargo to pass through the airport within a few hours.  This minimizes the waiting time for the shipment and significantly reduces the process required for processing a particular volume.

Advantages of International Airline Transport

Due to its advantages, international airline cargo transport is a frequently preferred mode of transport. The most significant advantage of this mode is time-saving. The goods to be transported arrive at their destination faster than the railway or road transport. Its other advantages can be listed as follows;

Timely Delivery: Typically, no significant deviations occur in the schedule of flights in international airline transport. This ensures that the load arrives at its destination on time and as scheduled.

Low Probability of Damage: Air cargo shipment is strictly managed in terms of safety and security. Therefore, the likelihood of being stolen or damaged is extremely low.

Quick Results: Customs clearance time is short for airline transport.  Typically, there are fewer stocks to unload compared to cargo ships.  Therefore, all procedures are finalized in the shortest time possible.

Sertrans Logistics, which serves more than 817 locations in almost 200 countries, offers the most effective solutions for your needs in international airline transport at the most affordable cost. Carefully planning processes such as charter service and transit transport, we deliver your cargo to its destination in the most reliable way. Please contact us if you would like to benefit from our extensive agency network and the experience of our expert human resources in international airline transport.



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