International Road Freight Overview

Delivering your import and export cargo on time, fast, and with a 99.9% damage-free rate, Sertrans is your reliable solution partner in road transport. Sertrans adds convenience and value to your business with express transport alternatives for your whole or partial cargo that needs quick delivery. We work at over 800 points in nearly 200 countries to provide you with the best service for transporting your import and export cargo. With our wide service network spread over three continents, we bring your commercial power to the future, enabling you to quickly reach many points in the world! Sertrans Logistics delivers all your cargoes to their respective destination on time in a fast and undamaged manner through our road transport services for which we give round trip warranty thanks to our direct lines to Spain, France, Germany, and Italy!

Sertrans Logistics Makes a Difference in Partial Transport

Regardless of the destination, all your cargo is handled at Sertrans with instant and flexible solutions. Whether whole or partial, all your needs in the field of transport will be met with no problem thanks to the expert and experienced team of Sertrans.

  • 99.9% damage-free rate,
  • On-time delivery,
  • Online cargo and vehicle tracking application,
  • Cargo and arrival notification via SMS,
  • Self-owned vehicle fleet in Euro/5 and Euro/6 standards, and experienced driver staff,
  • Strong agency and international global network reaching every point in Europe,
  • Hanger transport facility specific to the textile sector,
  • Shipments requiring special equipment, permits, and vehicle types.

Fast Transport Products

Sertrans offers ultra-fast partial transport services in 3-4 days from Istanbul to Barcelona and three other Spanish cities every Saturday with its brand new innovative product Fast Fashion, specific to the textile industry and provides time and cost advantages to exporters who use this destination. We offer Fast Fashion, which is the first choice of many global brands, to our business partners engaged in the textile industry. Sertrans' Fast Fashion is especially ready to meet the fast transport needs of the textile industry.

Mini Speed is a fast vehicle service for your small cargo. It is the option of delivering the cargo that needs to go fast by loading them on minivans and delivering them to their destination quickly at almost airplane speed without being caught in the traffic at the border gates. Many restrictions applied to trucks on the road are not applied to minivans. Thus, they continue their journey without stopping and deliver the goods quickly. The Mini Speed service, providing significant advantages to companies in terms of cost and time,  is a brand-new service Sertrans has brought to the logistics sector.

Ultra Speed is a fast transport product to deliver cargo in 4 days depending on the region. With this product, which is among our fastest services, we use three drivers and two vehicles and comply with international regulations. Time is a very important criterion, especially for manufacturing companies. This value-added product ensures that their goods are delivered to the facility on time so that production continues without any disruption.

Express Speed is a fast transport product to deliver cargo in 5 days depending on the region. Two drivers drive vehicles. For your urgent cargo, it provides a speed advantage to the customer with a very little price difference for customers that don't tolerate time loss due to train, Ro-Ro, or intermodal transport modes. Time is a very important criterion for manufacturing companies. This value-added product ensures that their goods are delivered to the facility on time so that production continues without any disruption.

Comfort Speed is a fast transport product to deliver cargo in 6 to 8 days depending on the region. If you want your cargo arrives at its destination quickly but at an affordable price, the Sertrans service you will prefer should be Comfort Speed. With Comfort Speed, your cargo arrives at its destination quickly and at a low cost, leaving you to enjoy this service.

Eco Speed is a transport model that is the first choice by business partners looking for an affordable and fast transport option. Affordable road transport is now possible with the low-cost Eco Speed, which is carried out using alternative routes, for low-price heavy cargoes with no deadline expectation. Eco Speed service of Sertrans, provides significant savings in transport costs and ensures that you are always one step ahead in trade. Depending on the region, the arrival time of the cargo varies between 10 to 12 days.

Sertrans, with its shuttle service IQ+ (International Quick Service) Shuttle, the first ever in Türkiye, delivers any partial cargo to 6 cities in Europe with competitive service times and cost advantages. Please contact us now to take advantage of the "road transport at airline speed" service, which makes a difference with its competitive arrival times in European partial transport, and join those that are the leaders of trade.

Solutions Specific to the Ready-to-Wear Sector

Sertrans Logistics also steers the textile sector! With our new innovative product Fast Fashion, we offer ultra-fast partial transport in 3-4 days every Saturday from Istanbul to Barcelona and three other Spanish cities. We carefully meet the need for fast transport of textile exporters and successfully serve many global brands!

  • Istanbul: Saturdays - 12:00
  • Barcelona: Wednesdays - Morning
  • Zaragoza: Wednesdays - Noon
  • Madrid: Wednesdays - Evening
  • La Coruna: Thursdays



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