Road Transport at Rocket Speed with Minivan .

Mini Speed

Mini Speed is the fast vehicle service for your small loads. It is the option of delivering the loads almost at the plane speed that need to go fast by loading them on minivan vehicles and delivering them to the address quickly without being caught in the traffic densities at the border gates. Many of the restrictions on the road applied to trucks are not applied to minivan vehicles. Thus, they continue their journey without cease and deliver the products quickly. Mini Speed service, which provides serious advantages to companies in terms of cost and time, is a brand new service that Sertrans has brought to the logistics sector.

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Mini Speed For Your Small Bulk Loads

Sertrans Logistics takes your cargo from the door with this service it provides each and every day of the week especially for you and the loads with low volume up to 1200 kg which require a high speed and delivers your cargo between48 and 96 hours depending on the locations of the Northern, Southern and Western European countries. Add value to your business and ease your business with the difference of fast transportation with Sertrans Mini Speed solution, which adds a new dimension to partial freight transportation.

For urgent and heavier loads than two tons, you can check the IQ + Shuttle service!


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